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We integrate a member management system, with an emphasis on safety, alongside with Point-of-Sale (POS) software. Our system is laser-focused on what wall owners tell us is their biggest headache: keeping a reliable database of members or guests, and making it fast and accurate for your front desk to check-in members, making sure everyone is safe. It's easy to register climbers online, see their full history and keep them safe!

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European-Made – You know who we are, and we know who you are! We want lasting relationships, not quick sales. Since we are European-made, we take data protection seriously!

Promoting Safety – We realise that the safety of members and staff always comes first, warning signs do not go unchecked

Simple and Fast – We strive for simplicity and speed, from registration, through analytics, to cancelations you get an intuitive system and no more bottlenecks at the cashier.

Trust – We meet real people for real and transparent deals. No cards are kept under our glass table

Fair – Pricing based on our ability to provide you value.



Point of Sale software fully integratable with our management system.


Simple analysis of member data to help you to get to know your customers.

Visual Cues

Visual Cues to remind you of any special client statuses, or changes to statuses. Statuses deplete either by climbing (I.e. using a 10-climb pass until it is used up), or just the passage of time (I.e an annual membership).

Member Management

Manage your members with a simple but effective customisable system of “statuses”, attached to each member. Members get statuses by filling in forms or buying products.

Track Work

Track your employees work time to the minute with our punch-in system.


Keep your data safe on our cloud, all important information is safe, backed-up and encrypted all the time.


Choose a payment plan that works for you


Free until you start making sales

You can add additional walls to your system for half the price!

Dashboard for sales and analysis


Online Waivers

and much more...



You can add additional walls to your system for half the price!

Dashboard for sales and analysis

POS and Online Billing

Online Waivers

and much more...

POS system for your coffee shops



We integrate our service with your internal systems

Per requirements Database space

Per requirements Cloud space

Advanced Analysis

Personalised System

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24/7 Support

Non-Profit Organisations Recieve a 20% Discount on Their Selected Plan

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